This project is read-only.
Please note that this software is licensed under the GNU General Public License.
If you wish to read the license, please go to this website:
or click on the LICENSE page


1. Go to the DOWNLOADS page on this website.

2. Click on the RECOMMENDED build and click DOWNLOAD

3. When you are done downloading the file, make a folder(where ever you want) and extract the zip file to that folder.

4. Open the folder you have just created with the files you extracted to it.

5. Run the SETUP.EXE file.

6. Follow the directions on the screen.

7. Once done installing, (if your running WINDOWS) open the start menu and search C-DOS

8. Right-click the program and click SEND TO DESKTOP

9. Go to your desktop, and open the program(double click the C-DOS icon)

10. When the system is done booting type: help
and hit enter
Note: the help menu always gives you a list of commands you can execute.

If you have any problems email me at:
Note: when emailing me please give a FULL description of the problem, Thank You ;-)

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